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This is a report in images about visiting Norway, photos and drawings.
I am Johan Wilbrink. From 2001 on, my wife and I visit Norway during vacations.
We love this country. From our trips I bring photos & drawings.

The photos here tell you about exciting Norway.

In addition, Norway always gives me inspiration for drawing.
So, a
part of the website deals with Norway as a source for drawing.

Photos   The i Norge Photo Gallery contains photos of many different places: the fjords of
Møre og Romsdal, the mountains around Vats near Ål, Vang i Valdres, Øverås in
Nesset, mountainroads like Aurlandsveien and Aursjøvegen.

Overwhelming mountain areas in Stølsheimen and Jotunheimen, charming places
& fjords in Møre og Trøndelag as Hamnesfjorden, Bøfjorden, Otnes.

The Norwegian coast aound Stavanger, the cloister areas of Utstein and Selje.
Areas arond Ryfylke, Strandavatn and Olden and its glaciers.
The emptiness of Hardangervidda.
Fjaerland, at rest near its fjord, guarded by the glaciers. And it's books!

The i Norge Drawings Gallery. In Norway I get inspiration for making a series of drawings. Norway proves to be a strong presence.

A few drawings are shown on this website. Others you may see in my webgallery.

All pictures here pay a tribute to Norway.


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